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Why We Made Store

  • Modern software needs data representations to be fluid and always available
  • Users expect their UI experience to never be compromised (blocked) by new data loads. Whether an application is social, news or business-to-business, users expect a seamless experience both online and offline
  • International users expect minimal data downloads as many megabytes of downloaded data can quickly result in astronomical phone bills


  1. Store is responsible for managing a particular read request
  2. MutableStore is a Store that also manages particular write requests and coordinates synchronization and conflict resolution
  3. SourceOfTruth persists Item(s)
  4. Fetcher defines how data will be fetched over network
  5. Updater defines how local changes will be pushed to network
  6. Bookkeeper tracks metadata of local changes and records synchronization failures
  7. Validator returns whether an Item is valid
  8. Converter converts Item(s) between Network/Common/SOT representations

How To Include In Your Project


implementation ""

Multiplatform (Common, JVM, Native, JS)

commonMain {
    dependencies {

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